A streamlined end to end

Agency Management Solution

Paperless & Automated:
From Listing to Settlement

You win the Client, Sequrr will do the rest!

How Our Technology Helps

Protects Trust Money

Each year, millions of dollars in buyers deposits are stolen or misappropriated from Real Estate & Solicitor trust accounts. Our patented 3 way verification process ensures that these deposits are safe and cannot be stolen. With live auditing and reconciliation every cent is accounted for all the time.

Ensures Compliance

Our agent platform provides a streamlined, paperless customer relationship process from engagement through to settlement. All parties are ID verified, ensuring compliance. Soft copies are stored on the portal and are emailed to the agent, client and legal representative instantly.

Cloud Based Documents

All authority, sale documents and compliance documents are generated instantly online, with clean, verified data and stored in the cloud for access from anywhere. Data & files can never be lost, stolen or damaged in events such as fire or flood and can be recovered and accessed from anywhere at any time.

With our exclusive 3 step authentication and live audit functions, this is the solution.

Agents use a dashboard for

An overview of every client, property, transaction or to request secure payments.

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